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Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry by Philip Rickard is a true "Made in Hawaii" company since 1986. Known as the Premier Manufacturer of World Class Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry, Philip Rickard Honolulu designs, develops and manufactures traditional Hawaiian Jewelry, Hawaiian Wedding Rings as well as modern collections, on the beautiful island of Oahu. Come and visit the Factory Showroom and watch your jewelry come to life.

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The humble and sacred Maile plant silently speaks volumes. Its leaves are one of the oldest and most popular lei materials used in ancient Hawaii and its divine scent has many associations.

In ancient times, during wedding ceremonies, a Kapuna (priest) would bind the hands of the bride and groom together with a strand of maile to symbolize their commitment and union. Woman could also deposit one on the doorstep of the man she hoped to marry, boldly announcing her intentions to her beloved and the entire village.
These leis still symbolize enduring devotion and today are most commonly seen worn open-ended on grooms and groomsmen.
However, Maile is also associated with Laka, the goddess of hula, which is why you will see many variations of this lei on both male and female hula dancers.

Large Lei O Mano Hawaiian Pendant Oval Filigree Signet Ring w/ Enamel Initial 12mm Initial Hawaiian Pendant Large Palaoa Hawaiian Pendant w/ Enamel Initial
Large Makau Hawaiian Pendant Two-tone Scalloped Old English 10mm Ring